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Preparing For Your Massage Before Your Massage Therapy Session

Category: Massage

How often do you come get a massage and worry about the little things? Whether you need to shower, are wearing the right clothes, or if your legs are shaved? Many people over think things but for the majority they just don’t care. Don’t forget its common courtesy to receive great services that don’t just benefit yourself, but everyone else involved. A few things you should take into consideration before preparing for your massage appointment include showering, letting the receptionist or therapist know of any major injuries of surgeries you’ve had, and speak up about any certain area you would like them to focus on or avoid.

To start off, you should always arrive anywhere between 5-15 minutes before your massage to take care of any paperwork you may need to fill out, as well as getting your massage started on time. Here at the Happy Head we never cut time, but anyone who shows up late to their appointment will set back and drag later appointments behind and ultimately, if you are more than 15 minutes late, your priority of appointment may be pushed back. Not only does it get hectic, but our therapists need a break from their hard work once in a while as well, so keep in mind arriving early is beneficial for everyone.

Second, please be clean for your massage. It makes the session a lot more enjoyable for you and your therapist. Happy Head has a lot to offer, but don’t get us confused with a day spa. We only do massage, we do not have a wash room besides the restroom so please come clean before your massage.

Third, acknowledge any injuries or surgeries you’ve had and let the receptionist or therapist be aware of these issues. This will greatly affect the type of technique and course of treatment your therapist will perform on you and make your experience a hundred times better.

Fourth, enjoy your massage. Take the time to let your muscles relax and really get into the moment of letting your mind and body escape. There is nothing good about getting a massage and staying tense. It makes the treatment harder for your therapist and really takes a toll on your body. Be sure to keep your body fully hydrated before and after your massage. Before will help the therapist work out those knots more smoothly, and after will flush out all toxins that have been trapped in for the last couple weeks, even months!

Moving on, things you should keep in mind not to do with massage is come in for a session while you are sick or have consumed any alcohol or drugs within the past 24 hours.

When you’re sick, your body gets very achy, tense, and sore. You might think to yourself “Ahh all I want is a massage” but actually you are putting yourself more at risk decreasing the chances of getting rid of this virus, as well as increasing the chances of passing it on.

We all like to party, do crazy things, and enjoy a night out with our friends. After a wild night out the first thing you’ll want to do the next day is recover from a nasty hang over and relax, but coming in for a massage may not recommended. Wait at least a day or so to let the substances pass through. Receiving a massage soon after consumption of a “wild” night may actually induce the substances to re-affect you. We want you to enjoy your massage, relax to your fullest, and leave here feeling brand new.

Last but not least, ladies don’t worry about your legs being hairy or having a jacked up pedicure. It would be nice if they were, but keep in mind that’s not the first thing your therapist will worry about. Men come in and out of our business all day, so our therapists have already seen the worst of the worst hairy legs possible. They are more concerned if your feet are smelly or dirty, so please come in with at least clean feet.

Hurry in today and take a moment to relax and treat your body to phenomenal tender loving care. Happy Head is open from 10 AM – 10 PM, 7 days a week. Visit any one of the 4 locations in the beautiful San Diego. Walk-ins are always welcome but if you’d like to guarantee a spot, call ahead! We do fill up fast, so stop wasting time and pick up the phone!

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