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Physiotherapy VS. Massage Therapy. Which Do You Choose?

Category: Health

Physiotherapy, otherwise known as Physical Therapy is mostly focused on the remediation and rehabilitation of the bodies’ impairments and/or disabilities, to help to promote mobility and functionality of the body. Just like massage therapy, physical therapy aims to improve the quality of life of a persons’ and their bodies’ movement. Physical Therapy is performed by first examination and evaluation of where the potential problems are and what need to be worked on, from there a diagnosis is given. Once a diagnosis has been concluded the physical intervention comes in.
Both massage therapy and physiotherapy have many health benefits to them. Although many people believe that massage therapy just relieves stress and tension it has many more health benefits to it as well. For example, someone suffering from migraine and even arthritis can benefit greatly from getting regular massages. Although it is correct that massage is much more of a holistic practice than physical therapy, it still can help to improve many serious diseases and disorders that trouble many people’s everyday lives.

When choosing between physical therapy and massage therapy, it is important to take something into consideration. If suffering from a headache, stiff muscles, or even something like fibromyalgia, massage therapy can offer many healing benefits. Someone who just has a pulled muscle or is just recovering from a very serious physical aliment, from a car accident or something similar, physical therapy may be the best option for you. Although massage therapy is a great way to heal the body, right after pulling a muscle or breaking a bone a massage may not be the best thing for it. Once the sprain, pulled muscle or injury is slightly healed, massage can be a huge help. But if looking for a solution to help speed the healing right away, it may be best to see a physical therapist.

Almost anyone can benefit from both massage and physical therapy. Most people will agree that massage therapy is going to be a much more enjoyable experience. Most of the time, physical therapy, massage, and even chiropractic care go hand in hand and work better together than on their own.