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More Ways to Enjoy Your Massage

Category: Massage

When getting a massage many get them for a myriad of reasons such as to relieve stress, pain and so on. Customers come in looking to get rid of stress, but do not realize that they are adding on to their stress with these few mistakes. Read along, take notes and learn how to enjoy your massage more with these simple tips.

When coming to Happy Head, although walk ins are always welcome, there are times when the stores get very busy which makes customers who walk in have to wait up to an hour. If you are feeling stressed or have just been having one of those, “I need a drink” type of a days, take a load of stress off by calling in and making an appointment. By making an appointment it ensures that you will be able to get in at the time of your choice and make your experience run much smoother.

Another common mistake that occurs and adds extra stress is not letting the front desk know of any injuries, trouble areas or where you want more focus. Advising the front desk staff of where it is that is causing the most pain can help ensure that your money is spent on relieving your pain and help in making your massage experience great.

Although it seems a bit funny, not using the bathroom before the massage can also make the experience not so great. Just like parents that advise children to use the restroom before a long road trip, use the restroom before a massage.

Try not to eat a big meal before you go in. If you are hungry before a massage, get a light snack and wait until after to get that big hamburger. During your massage they apply various amounts of pressure on your back that may cause your stomach some discomfort if you just got done eating.

Finally, don’t forget to breathe. As the therapist is applying the various amounts of pressure, do not hold your breath. Holding your breath causes your body to tense up and cause more stress, relax and enjoy the massage.

Here at the Happy Head, we take in pride in knowing that customers that walk in will walk out feeling brand new and have a wonderful experience. If it’s anything less than that we ask that customers give us feedback to ensure that the bad experience does not happen again. Take these few tips into consideration on your next visit and enjoy your massage more.