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Massaging Your Mind

Category: Alternative Medicine

Most people get a massage in order to relax or unwind after a long work week. Others go to address physical discomfort or injury. Maybe your lower back hurts from sitting too much in front of a computer or you’re athletic and have old sports injuries to address. But did you know that many use to treat a variety of psychological problems? Things such as; depression, attention-deficit disorder, and even post-traumatic stress are just a few ailments that massage therapy has been used to address. Massage deals with many mental health issues by personally refocusing and rejuvenating the mind and body.

Have you ever walked into a massage establishment feeling tense or even irritated, and leave feeling like a whole new person? After a massage, we may find our spirits have been lifted. The benefit of massage on mental health is not a surprise if we think about the connection between the mind and body.
The body is a miraculous passage way that gives us direct access to unknown parts of ourselves. For instance, the body revealed by posture, muscle contraction, and flexibility demonstrates the sort of armor we use to protect ourselves in a sometimes demanding and stressful world. A depressed individual might tense up or constrict the stomach or back to make him or her less vulnerable to particular emotions. A massage therapist is as much a student of the mind as he or she is of the body. Massage therapists witness our mounting stresses and vulnerabilities as they help unblock the passageways that allow us to fully breathe and function better in life. They soothe feelings of anxiety that cause depression and prevent us from connecting to our bodies and experiencing joy.

When your back muscles tighten up, they can serve as a force field, making it difficult to focus or relax. This type of so-called force field is just as physical as it is psychological. Such armor can make it difficult to adapt well in situations. A massage can bring the stresses to your attention. With such awareness, you can choose to free yourself from the unnecessary tension. Every point of contact on the body is an opportunity for self-awareness. Psychological healing occurs when we sink into the reality of our bodies.

The next time something in your body just doesn’t seem right, or you’re dealing with surmounting stress and tension, consider getting a massage. Not only will it make you more aware of the problems that may be going on, it may ease your mind and body.