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Massage Therapy Helps With Much More Than Just Tension

Category: Massage

Massage therapy has been proven to help combat and relieve some of the symptoms caused by different ailments. Many know about the benefits of massage therapy for symptoms such as migraines, anxiety, depression and insomnia, but there are many more ailments that can be helped significantly by massage therapy. Customers suffering from Carpal Tunnel, Varicose Veins, diabetes & gout can benefit significantly from our Asian Style Body & Foot massage. Customers suffering from Breast Cancer, congestive heart failure as well as certain autoimmune diseases can benefit from massages like the Swedish, Deep Tissue or our signature and most popular massage the Asian Fusion Combo.

The Asian Style Body and Foot massage may be beneficial for anyone suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Varicose Veins, Diabetes and Gout. This massage concentrates primarily on the arms, hands, legs and feet. It helps to increase blood flow and loosen the muscles in these areas to give you increased range of motion, reduce swelling and relieve tension in the joints. The Asian Style Body and Foot massage is advertised at the enticing price of $29 and is guaranteed to have your arms, hands, legs and feet in absolute bliss. Happy Head also offers a 4-Hand version which includes an extra set of hands which will make sure you leave beyond relaxed.

The Swedish, Deep Tissue and Asian Fusion Combo massages are great massages for anyone suffering from the stress of a hard week. They can also be beneficial for those suffering from breast cancer, congestive heart failure and certain autoimmune diseases. The Swedish and Deep Tissue massage concentrate on areas that suffer from the most stress such as the neck, shoulders, back and legs. The Asian Fusion Combo Massage is very helpful as it combines foot reflexology, Deep Tissue and the Thai Combo all into one 90 minute session. These massages boost your blood flow, relieve stress in the muscles, boost your immune system naturally and can help your body heal faster post surgery.

So massage isn’t just for muscle spasms. The next time you have stress, wanting to feel better, or more, consider getting a massage.