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Is There A Correct Amount of Time To Be Massaged?

Category: Massage

As humans, we are all different. We are born with different genetics making us all different shapes and sizes. We live different lifestyles and we all have different opinions as to what is enjoyable to us, making no one person the same. This applies to many aspects in life, including massage. First off, not every massage is going to be right for every person. For example, someone who is very active and looking to really work out tension and improve flexibility through massage should not choose a light pressure massage such as a Swedish massage. The same goes for an elderly person looking to relieve stress and relax, should generally not choose a Sports Massage or Deep Tissue Massage. These are common questions that many people have when it comes to getting a massage.

Since no one persons’ body is the same this will also determine the length of the massage they will need. Most of the time, a basic relaxation massage lasts about an hour. This is because it usually takes the average person about 25-30 minutes to achieve full relaxation. So a half hour won’t do the job for most people because as soon as they begin to fully unwind the massage ends. For very active people like runners or body builders, they may need more time for a massage than just an hour. This is most of the time due to using more muscles in the body than just the average person, so more time has to be spent on the legs, arms, and back than the average person. Also, a very active person may hold a lot more tension in the body, due to putting a lot of physical pressure on the body constantly. So they really may need the extra time to be able to actually relieve the tension all the muscles are holding and still receive a full body massage.

If you’re unsure what the right amount of time for a massage is, always start with at least an hour long massage. If within the hour, the massage doesn’t feel long enough or there is a area of the body that still needs more focus and time dedicated to it, communicate to the therapist and most of the time it is not a problem to extend an extra half an hour or even another full hour for your massage. For most people, it takes at least 20 minutes just to stop thinking about what’s going on in your life or work. The more massage you get, the quicker and easier it is to stop thinking about your daily stresses in life and enjoy your massage. For more tips, read the article “helpful tips.”