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How To Quickly Recover After A Marathon

Category: Sports

There are many things a person should do after any type of exercise but it is particularly important after competing in a marathon to make sure the recovery process is taken just as seriously as the training process. A good recovery is a key factor in helping the body bounce back to peak condition without getting injured. The most obvious recovery methods after running a marathon is staying hydrated and making sure to stretch, both before and after the marathon. There are also some other essential things that you can do to ensure that you recover quicker from a marathon. These include tricks like making sure not to just lay or sit after finishing the marathon. As tempting as the grass or a bench may look, in the long haul, staying active or walking to cool down can help avoid getting any cramps or muscle stiffness. Another trick is to get a massage, and it is a pretty enjoyable recovery process too.

A massage can help after running a marathon in a few ways. It can help release any stiffness or soreness that occurred during the run. Many times after marathons the body is exhausted and the mind is still racing. A massage can help to relax the mind and body into a more unified state. If you’re not sure what massage to choose after a marathon there are a few things to consider. Going with a sports massage such as a Happy Head Thai Combo massage is always a great idea. A Swedish or Deep Tissue massage can also be a great choice as well, especially if you’re struggling with muscle spasms and are looking to really relax after the long run.

People come from all over to compete in many of San Diego’s marathons. And who can blame them? With great weather and a beautiful landscape it’s the perfect place to come run and vacation all at the same time. San Diego has a very active community and it can be seen in the number of marathons that occur every year. So where to go after the run is over in San Diego? Happy Head Foot Reflexology and Massage is the place. Whether it’s the Girls on the Go Half Marathon, the Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon or the Downtown San Diego (5K) Half Marathon, Happy Head Massage is here to service all of your ‘after marathon’ massage needs! Try the Happy Head Thai combo if looking for a good stretching massage or a Swedish or Deep Tissue to relax! And be sure to ask about extending to 90 minutes or 2 hours for any massage. After a marathon some extra time may be needed!