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Have You Downloaded The Happy Head App For Your Free Massage?

Category: Discounts

First of all, be sure to download our Happy Head app for your Android smartphone or iPhone. With this app, you’ll be the first to hear of our latest promos. You’ll also be able to keep track of your loyalty rewards. Get 10 loyalty points and you’ll earn a free massage. And getting loyalty points is easier than you think. Every time you purchase a regularly priced massage at the Happy Head you’ll earn 1 point. And then there’s double stamp Tuesdays where you get 2 loyalty points for every massage. If you enable push messages on your phone you’ll be the first to know about days that we offer double, triple, and even quadruple stamps so you can earn a free massage after just a few visits.

And then there’s Facebook. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to enter contests for free massages, hear of daily specials, and learn about regular discounts. Each Happy Head location has it’s own Facebook page so be sure to follow each location to get all the discounts.

There’s more. There’s Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and more. All of them give you the opportunity to earn free massages. Also be sure to join our mailing list to get our weekly emails and news updates.

Hundreds of people have already downloaded the Happy Head app and are enjoying the benefits of free massages and great discounts. Remember, the Happy Head has no memberships, no contracts, no hassles, and no gimmicks. You always get a great massage without the spa prices. Take advantage of the special Happy Head Massage offers as they are for you.