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Happy National Massage Therapy Week

Category: Massage

Do you remember your first massage? Was it a great experience? Mine sure was different than what I expected, but after, I walked out a whole new person, and thus my love of massages started. But did you know about the health benefits of getting a massage? Yes, I said it, GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH! Eating healthy, getting regular exercise, and taking care of your body all need to be equal in your routine.

Massage therapy has been proven to increase circulation, release endorphins, help with migraines, and even stimulate the lymph system (helping the body’s natural defense against invaders). Also, for those who regularly exercise, tight muscles can seem to really mess up your day. Rather than eating a bunch of bananas (potassium for sore muscles) and waiting it out, get a massage. Massage therapy can soften injured or overused muscles reduce cramping and spasms, even increase joint flexibility. Thai massages are great for those with tight muscles. Don’t know what a Thai massage is? Call and ask!

You can call any of our locations, and make an appointment, or just walk on in with any questions you may have. Our front desk girls are well-trained and have access to most answers on any questions you may have. You can even chat with them online at

Don’t let your fear or lack of knowledge keep you from enjoying a healthy massage for yourself. Your body will thank you! Happy body = Happy life.