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Got a Smartphone? Get free massages!

Category: Discounts

With many loyal customers, Happy Head proves to be a great way to keep your body (and wallet!) healthy and happy. Many of you already know about our punch cards that we offer. Buy 10 massages, get 1 free! You even get to choose between three of our best massages:

Asian style Body and Foot massage, with foot reflexology and a partially clothed body massage sure to release your day’s tension. Our Swedish and Deep Tissue full body massage; includes your own private room and the ultimate in total relaxation. Last, and surely not least, is our Thai Combo massage (my personal favorite) that takes it up another notch, combining our Deep Tissue with yoga stretching! You don’t even have to move! Our professionally trained therapists with pull you in all sorts of ways (while keeping all important areas covered!) that will having you feeling like jello when you come out!

How can you beat not 1, 2, BUT 3 different free massages for a choice? I don’t know anywhere else that does that. But if you’re anything like me, all those loyalty cards get lost in my purse, or car, or house, etc, etc, etc. I can never keep track of them, and then I end up on missing out on the benefits!

Happy Head has an app available (FOR FREE) for both android and apple! You can download it super easy, and just bring in your phone to your appointment. We use QR codes to keep track of your appointments, and once you reach (10) appointments, your phone will be your free ticket to a 1 hour massage of your choice!

Be a part of our insider exclusive and receive notifications of any specials or weekly deals we might be offering. You are missing out if you love Happy Head and don’t have our app! Download it today from your app store! Any of our helpful front desk ladies can answer any questions about the app or show you how to use it!