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Getting A Massage Using Infused Marijuana Massage Oil

Category: Alternative Medicine

With more and more states legalizing marijuana, a new trend that you may see popping up is THC infused massage therapy. While it’s illegal for a massage establishment to provide this type of service, it’s definitely worth considering looking into the psychological and physiological benefits. Whether you’re looking for new ways to relax during the massage or are looking for the ultimate high, a massage performed with THC infused Marijuana massage oil may be something to look into.

First of all, let me get a few things out of the way here. We don’t condone in any way the use of illicit drugs and anything in this article is only informative and should not be taken as medical advice. Please consult your physician and do your due diligence before even considering anything that you read in this article.

Massage is great for relaxation and relieving stress, but in some cases, even a massage isn’t enough to relax the individual so they can enjoy the full benefits. Some people resort to a glass of wine before the massage, while some take it to a higher extreme and take prescription drugs such as Valium, Vicodin, or Xanax to relax. But now we’re seeing a new trend that may be more effective and without the side effects of dangerous drugs. It’s known as a medical marijuana massage and it may be just what you need to experience the full benefits of massage therapy.

Marijuana-infused massage therapy is a growing trend that deserves attention. The practice involves using massage oil or lotion that has been infused with the active ingredients of the federally prohibited cannabis plant. When applied to the skin, a marijuana massage most likely won’t get you stoned, but still offers some amazing effects that you may not get from a massage with regular massage lotions.

While the American Massage Therapy Association takes “no position” on marijuana massage, and massage therapy schools don’t teach this rising trend, we had the opportunity to interview someone who has experienced this type of massage on more than one occasion. We’ve disguised the name here for privacy.

Mark is an avid massage therapy recipient. Massage therapy allows his body to relax and gives his brain a recharge after a long day at work. Sometimes after the massage he would smoke marijuana as it helped him reduce anxiety and improve sleep. One day he decided to combine the benefits of both. The first step was finding massage oil infused with THC. Once he got his hands on it, he advised his masseuse of what was in the lotion. The masseuse used latex gloves to ensure that the lotion would only affect the recipient.

Mark had this to say of his experience. “I opted for a 90 minute deep tissue massage after a long day of work. I had the masseuse come to my home as I was pretty sure that driving would be out of the question. The first 30 minutes of the massage were the same as most. I was relaxed but still couldn’t stop thinking of what was on my to-do list and the day’s work. The therapist commented on how tight my shoulders were. Shortly thereafter, I felt my body get very heavy as if I was glued to the table. My body began to fully relax and I could enjoy every touch of the massage. The day’s work and my to-do list became a distant memory. For the next hour, it was the most enjoyable experience I could ever imagine. Knots and tension that originally were impossible to get rid of suddenly disappeared with every massage stroke. Stress that would generally take Valium to reduce were gone in seconds. This was the best massage of my life. After it was done I had the best night’s sleep. And the results of the massage seamed to last much longer than usual.”

It’s too early to tell whether marijuana infused massage will ever catch on and become a mainstream form of therapy. But it’s certainly becoming very clear that it will catch attention in the media in the coming months and years and it will be certainly something to look into.