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Eliminating PMS Pain With Massage Therapy

Category: Alternative Medicine

Most women know the feeling of being crabby and bloated. PMS (premenstrual syndrome) pain makes you just want to curl up in a little ball all day. That feeling of PMS can change your whole personality. PMS Is a combination of physical and emotional symptoms that most women experience during the week prior to menstruation. There is however some things that woman can do to help with their symptoms. Symptoms may include headache, fluid retention, pain, and fatigue. The symptoms occur because hormone levels rise and fall during a woman’s menstrual cycle. They rise 1-2 weeks before menstruation, and slowly declining after the period starts. Abdominal massage techniques may be the relief that you’re looking for.

Light abdominal massage, as part of a full body massage can ease aches and pains associated with this syndrome by increasing blood circulation and lymph flow, and in turn decreasing fluid retention in muscles, tissue and joints. It also aids in elimination of toxins and calming of the nervous system. Certain massage techniques including relaxation massages, can dramatically affect the symptoms and pain associated with PMS. Better yet, massage can be a great stress reducer. If anxiety, mood swings and depression fill your life during PMS, then a massage can give you many benefits.

The psychological benefits of massage therapy during this time may be as helpful as the physical benefits. Decreased depression, anxiety and mood swings as well as increased calmness are all reported by those who receive massage during this time in their cycle. Massage can redress the circulatory changes triggered by altered hormone production during PMS that lead to retention that causes that awful bloated sensation. Massage therapy promotes circulation and lymphatic drainage, thereby redressing the body’s fluid balance. Massage is also great for the skin; a problem area for many women during PMS. So ladies, next time treat yourself to a relaxing massage that can help with your PMS and make you feel amazing and rejuvenating.


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