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Discover The Many Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage

Category: Massage

Trying to decide on the right massage for you can seem difficult. The best way to choose the right massage for you is to be familiar with the benefits that the different styles of massage can offer. Deep Tissue Massage, for example, can offer many different benefits for your body in regards to sports injury recovery and overall health.
The difference between deep tissue massage, and say a more relaxing massage like a Swedish massage, is the pressure. Deep Tissue Massage, as the name suggests is a massage that uses harder pressure to relieve the tension deep in the muscle tissue. The strokes and technique are similar to those used in Swedish massage, however, the therapist will massage across the muscle grain rather than with the grain, like the Swedish massage uses. The therapist will not only use their hands and forearms, like a Swedish massage, but they will also use their fingers and elbows to get deeper into the muscle.

Deep Tissue massage helps to break up and eliminate scar tissue, while allowing the muscles to loosen up. When muscles are too tight, the amount of blood flow is restricted, which means oxygen and nutrients have a difficult time getting into the muscle to repair it. Staying properly hydrated is extremely important, especially before and after a deep tissue massage. The strokes are long and slow, which allows the therapist to feel where you may have some trouble areas, or knots. Once the trouble areas have been located, the therapist can apply extra pressure to help with relief.

To get the most benefit from the massage, it is suggested to do a longer session. One hour may not be enough time for the therapist to work out the knots after the muscles are warmed up. 90 minutes or even two hours will be more beneficial. Keep in mind that it may also take multiple sessions to work out all of the knots. In addition to that, exercise, proper posture and relaxation are all important to incorporate into your everyday lifestyle to get the full benefits of the massage.

After the massage, it is common to have some muscle soreness. The muscle soreness should pass in about 1-2 days. While the massage may feel a little uncomfortable, versus a relaxing Swedish massage, the therapist shouldn’t cause you too much pain. If the therapist is hurting you, make sure to speak up and ask for less pressure, or you may end up with more pain than relief. Staying hydrated is essential post-massage, and a soak in a warm bath is suggested to help with healing your muscles. Allow yourself, and your muscles to relax for the duration of the day. Following these tips will allow you to get the most benefit from your Deep Tissue Massage.

There are many different massage styles. Choosing which style is right for you is more of a personal preference. We always recommend trying all the styles and then sticking to the one that works best for you on a regular basis.