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Come On In and Get Your Back Adjusted!

Category: Chiropractic

Back pain affects a huge number of Americans every day and is one of the biggest complaints out there. We’re sure that either yourself or someone you know is chronically dealing with back pain and is looking for relief without having to resort to painkillers.

Here at Happy Head, we also have a doctor who can do chiropractic adjustments for you and bring that much-desired escape from the agony of back pain! An adjustment is also known as spinal manipulation, and it is meant to correct structural alignment and improve your body’s physical function. By properly re-aligning the spine with this technique, back pain generally resolves itself as the underlying issue is no longer present.

It’s very healthy to get one per month or one every couple of months and only takes about 10 minutes. Here at Happy Head we offer you an adjustment of just $29 when you get a massage, and $39 without a massage. Just call ahead for an appointment and we can get you relaxed and adjusted right away!  You can learn more about our chiropractic adjustment services and can make an appointment with us online, or give us a call today.