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Can You Increase The Size Of Your Breasts By Massaging Them?

Category: Health

Breasts are important to both men and women. Women’s self-confidence is often associated to the size of their breasts, but not every woman ends up with the kind of breasts that she desires in life. Though many women resort to expensive and risky surgery to enlarge their breasts, there may be a simpler, more natural method which costs nothing and can save you lots of money. It’s been said that if you massage your breasts for 20-30 minutes a day they should grow one cup size larger in 30 days.

Breast massage is one of the best ways to help create a more beautiful bust line by helping to shape. It tones and promotes growth of the breast and the area surrounding the breast. By massaging the breasts on a regular basis, many ladies have claimed it enhances the shape, size and overall attractiveness of their breast. Massage does two things to stimulate growth. One benefit of massage is increased circulation. Since phytoestrogens travel through the bloodstream, the more blood you have flowing to your breasts, the easier it is for your breasts receptors to pick up what they need in order to grow.

Anther benefit of massage is prolactin production. This important breast enlarging hormone is triggered by regular stimulation of the breasts and nipples. To perform the massage, start by rubbing your hands together as fast as you can to generated heat and energy. Use a non-allergenic lotion for the massage. Once your hands are warm, place them on your breasts. Rub inwards with your hands and continue around your breasts in a circle. This method of breast massage is a part of an ancient Taoist exercise, the female deer exercise. That means it has been used and tested for hundreds, possibly thousands of years.

Massage offers many different benefits. Before performing massage on your breasts, be sure to talk to your health care practitioner regarding the benefits and proper procedures.