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Boost Your Immune System With Massage Therapy

Category: Health

As we all know, we are constantly exposed to bacteria and viruses on a daily basis, but generally we are able to resist infection. While there are those people who seem to never get hit with a cold, there are others who seem to have more of a predisposition to illness. For those unfortunate people, it seems that a few days without sufficient sleep is enough to cause a sore throat. Ever wonder why that is? Well one reason could be stress. Too much stress makes us much more vulnerable to illnesses because it slows down our immune system. One of the reasons why those people are not getting sick as often as others is because they have found a way to handle their stress. Their stress relieving secret is probably massage therapy.

Other than decreasing stress hormones, massage has other benefits that aid in a stronger immune system. Massages increases cytotoxic capacity which is also known as the natural killer cells. Cytokin cells are cells that aid in cell to cell communication during immune responses and encourage movement of cells toward inflammation and infection. Natural killer cells are cells are released to fight off bacteria and illnesses. They attach to target cells and release chemicals that break through the target cell’s wall to break it up and destroy it. Massage also decreases T-cells that can harm the body by causing infection.

Many people love massage for its many physical, as well as, physiological benefits. Some people get massages primarily for the stress reduction factor but by relieving stress, they are also boosting their immune system. At times, we are too run down that we don’t take care of our bodies as well as we should. Massage therapy can help by helping to reduce stress as well as allow our bodies to get a bit of rest during a massage session. Massage is known to help boost the immune system However, not in the same way that it helps a muscular strain be relieved in a treatment or two. With regular massages, you can help your immune system fight off bacteria and illnesses in order to feel good year round.