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Aching Feet? Let Happy Head fix that!

Category: Foot massage

Ask yourself this question: “Do My feet hurt?” Whether you’ve been training for a marathon, wearing heels to work, standing on your feet all day at work or exercising for your own benefit your feet need some tender love and care. If you really think about all the walking or pressure your feet take they really do need some attention.

Happy Head offers an Asian style body and foot massage that is meant to focus and target your lower legs and feet. Now this massage is no ordinary massage, it’s still a head to toe massage with a little back action as well. What they do is they start by soaking your feet in a bath with warm water, while that’s going on the therapist massages your head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands and then on to the best part- YOUR FEET! They spend about 20 minutes just targeting different pressure points to help alleviate any tension and make your feet feel new. The last 10 minutes they spend working on your back.

If all that is described above sounds wonderful and your feet are aching Happy Head has the answer and we can fix it for you! Stop by a Happy Head or visit us at to learn more or make an appointment!