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60 Second Quiz Reveals Best Massage Choice

Category: Massage

Ever wonder which massage to choose when going to a spa? Happy Head Foot Reflexology and Massage in San Diego has developed a simple yet effective 60 second quiz that will help with that decision.

Happy Head Massage is known for doing things a bit differently in the massage industry. And now they are making it even easier for consumers to ensure that they are better informed when selecting a massage. With so many different massage selections, it can be sometimes difficult when making a decision. That is why the Happy Head has developed the 60 second massage quiz.

With just a few clicks, consumers can visit, and after answering a few simple questions, they get instant advice as to the best possible massage that may be right for them. With so many available massage choices, this makes the selection process easier for consumers.

There are many different available massage choices. Happy Head Massage has six available choices ranging from Asian Style foot reflexology to their most popular 90 minute Asian Fusion Combo massage. A full list of services is available on their website at Now with a click of a mouse selecting the correct massage is easier than ever.

Sandra, a team member at Happy Head had this to say about the new Happy Head Massage 60 second quiz: “Customers want to make sure that they are spending their money wisely. There’s a lot of information on the internet and because of that, the decision of which massage to choose can be overwhelming. And nothing is worse than spending your hard earned money and then realizing that it was the wrong decision. With the combination of the 60 second massage quiz, the Happy Head website, and the very knowledgeable staff at Happy Head, customers can feel more confident in their decision and pick a better choice suited for them.”

Happy Head Massage will continue to ensure that they continually look for new ways to improve their customer experience. Whether it’s online quizzes to make better massage choices or just some simple tweaks in each massage style, the Happy Head puts their customers first in every decision.